Out and Aging: Resources for the Mature Gay and Lesbian

We’re here…we’re queer…and many of us have had time to get used to it. As mature gays and lesbians, some of us can reflect fondly on a youth spent as the Dancer from the Dance, or making our way through the Rubyfruit Jungle, while still others in our community waited until later in life to come out. Whether we chose to be on the frontlines, or sought our identity on the sidelines, our experiences helped shape the growing awareness of the challenges that gays and lesbians face, as well as our importance to the social fabric of our society.

Yet when it comes to finding healthcare providers, long-term care options, retirement communities, financial planning advice, friendly travel destinations (and agencies), or other needed services focused on the needs of mature gays and lesbians, even those of us who have strong LGBT community ties often don’t know where to turn. For example:Gay & Lesbian Resources, Advice, Mature LGBT Community, Rights

  • You may know that gay and lesbian retirement communities are starting to spring up all over the country, but where are they?
  • You know that choosing the wrong assisted living or skilled nursing facility can lead to uncomfortable and discriminatory experiences, so which ones should you avoid?
  • Now that marriage is legal in some states, should you and your partner consider it? What should you know or do before you say ,“I do?”
  • What protections should you consider to ensure that your life partner or spouse will be able to make decisions on your behalf, in the event you suffer an illness or accident?
  • How can you protect your life partner or spouse from legal challenges to your estate by blood relatives or the government after you’re gone?
  • We know there are dozens of gay and lesbian travel agencies, but which one is best for you, and who has the best deal to the destination of your choice?

The longer we live, the more import some of these issues become. Sure, there is a lot of information out there, especially as more and more baby boomers reach retirement and middle age, but the unique needs of gays and lesbians isn’t often addressed.

Most of us have a hard enough time remembering where we left our keys or theater tickets; let alone remembering which youth-oriented LGBT site we should search to try to find gay-friendly service providers. MatureGayResources.com may not be able to find your misplaced reading glasses, but we hope to serve as a one-stop source of information for the services and information you need.